About Me

Who am I?


Hi! My name is Nick Buffo. I am currently a junior in high school. I will be traveling and studying in Asia this summer and wanted to create a blog to help you follow along in my journey! I think blogging is one of the best ways to share my experiences with the world and create a way for me to look back on my journeys. I also will be photographing my adventures and will post them on the pictures tab of my website!

What/Where am I studying?


-This summer I will have the unique opportunity to study Chinese in Kaohsiung, Taiwan with a NSLI-Y scholarship. 

-I will also be traveling to Japan this summer. I will be starting in the south, Hiroshima, and making my way all the way to the north, Sapporo.  

-I am looking at studying Biochemistry/Molecular Medicine in college with an emphasis on global health. 

Countries I Have Visited:


1. Germany

2. Austria

3. Switzerland

4. Jamaica

5. Mexico

6. Honduras

7. Belize

8. Italy

9. Japan

10. Taiwan